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DVGW CERT GmbH is the largest gas and water industry certification body in Europe, covering all the certification procedures required in the gas and water sectors. Together with test laboratories, the company certifies and monitors gas and water industry products, quality and environmental management systems to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. and DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as companies and individual experts. This approach ensures that the individual procedures are tailored to the needs of the gas and water industries and are tightly meshed.

Quality assurance for energy and water supply

The main objective of all certification work is to ensure that there are no safety, hygiene or environmental objections to the products and companies certified. These activities are based on the DVGW standards as well as other national and international codes of practice, standards and certification programmes.

With a DVGW certificate, product manufacturers, specialist companies, utilities and experts can demonstrate to their customers and market partners that they comply with the state of the art in their field of activities.

This is confirmed by the DVGW certification mark.

Foundation of DVGW CERT GmbH

As from August 2007, certifications will be performed by a newly founded subsidiary of the DVGW. The new company named »DVGW CERT GmbH« will continue the activities of the certification body that was until now organized within the DVGW as joint venture with the DVGW e. V. All accreditations and official approvals (six within the scope of EC directives and four in areas that are not regulated by law) were transferred to the DVGW CERT GmbH as of 1st August 2007. The number 0085 assigned to the DVGW as notified body at European level was also transferred to the DVGW CERT GmbH.
By outsourcing into a GmbH, the DVGW is striving for an improved positioning of its certification activities in national and European competition as well as for optimized services for ist customers. It has been possible to clearly improve the service range in this manner. Previous personnel and certification methods were transferred to the CERT GmbH, so that qualification, competence and contact persons will be retained. Existing and
ongoing certification and monitoring processes of the former DVGW certification body will be continued by the DVGW Cert GmbH.


On its homepage, DVGW-CERT GmbH keeps various lists of certified bodies and companies:

Gas Products

Water Products


Management systems



Joint Press Release: DVGW and FRA.BO settle legal dispute after more than ten years


Joint Press Release: DVGW and FRA.BO settle legal dispute after more than ten years