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19 December, 2018

International Experts work on Concept for Greening of Gas

How natural gas and renewable gases can accelerate the global reduction of fossile fuels emissions
IGU Strategy committee; © DVGW
News - 19.12.2018

„Natural gas and renewable gases can push global decarbonisation. Current scientific studies prove: The replacement of lignite and oil by natural gas immediately reduces CO2 emissions by 30 to 50 percent; the combination of wind and solar energy with renewable gases enables the reduction of greenhouse gas by more than 90 percent,” stat-ed the chief executive officer of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water DVGW, Gerald Linke, on the occasion of the meeting of high ranking strategy committee representatives of the International Gas Union.

The IGU strategy committee which recently held its first meeting chaired by Gerald Linke in Bonn, formulates the overall strategy of the international gas industry. Here it also develops strategies for the greening of gas. The focus is on the combination of natural gas with renewable gases, the coupling of gas and power infrastructures as well as the application of gases in power production and in transport.

Significant progress is urgently needed to limit the global warming caused by CO2 emissions to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. By 2050 a maximum of 890 billion tons greenhouse gases may be emit-ted globally – thus each German person would be allowed to emit be-tween one or two tons per year. Current emissions, however, amount to eleven tons. If emissions remain static at this level, Germany´s CO2 budget would be used up in merely seven years. “If we quickly switch our energy consumption to gas, we immediately contribute to percep-tible greenhouse gas reductions,” Linke said. In Germany switching off lignite plants used for power production would save 70 million tons CO2 per year immediately.

DVGW is a founding charter member of the IGU, the global voice of gas. The 150 IGU members represent more than 97 percent of the global gas market. Amongst the partners are the G20 states, UNEP, WHO and IEA.

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