News - 28 10 2019

Avacon, one of E.ON’s four distribution grid operators, plans to blend up to 20% hydrogen with natural gas in a grid section in Saxony-Anhalt from the end of next year. This is not only a first but also a new record high as hitherto, the mixing limit used to be about 10 per cent.

Today Prof Gerald Linke, Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Deutsche Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. (DVGW), and Avacon Chief Technology Officer Dr Stephan Tenge signed a cooperation agreement in Salzgitter for the purpose. The DVGW supports the joint project, which serves as a model for the future use of hydrogen in gas distribution grids, in both technological and scientific ways. The findings that result from the project will further the development of the System of Technical Rules of the association.

“Hydrogen is an ideal energy carrier that enables full sector-coupling and significantly contributes to making the energy transition a success”, says Tenge. What is more, the project is a strategic element for reducing CO2 emissions. “It is important to reduce CO2 emissions throughout all sectors as part of our climate protection efforts.”

“This pilot project is an important milestone on our path towards a climate-friendly energy system. It proves that the possibility to inject increasing amounts of non-CO2 gases is within reach and that in future it will be technically feasible to inject up to 100 per cent hydrogen into the natural gas grid”, predicts Linke.

Hydrogen is compatible with the existing infrastructure. It can be stored in the over 500,000-km long German natural gas grid, and its versatility makes it appropriate for the climate-friendly generation of heat and power for the industry as well as for households and fuel cell mobility.

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