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2 November, 2022

Information Brochure "Pyrolysis" Published

Hydrogen Europe and DVGW presented it to the public in Brussels
Hydrogen Europa and DVGW present the "pyrolysis" report in Brussels, October 2022; © Stefan Petters, Carbotopia Syndicate
News 02-11-2022

Hydrogen Europe and the DVGW have published an information brochure on "Pyrolysis - Potential and possible applications of a climatefriendly hydrogen production". At a parliamentary evening during the Hydrogen Europe week, DVGW CEO Professor Dr. Gerald Linke presented the brochure to the public.

It deals with pyrolysis as a promising technology for decarbonising energy supply. Read articles and interviews by renowned European stakeholders and scientists, such as

  • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (CEO of Hydrogen Europe)
  • Prof. Dr Gerald Linke (Chairman of the Board of DVGW e. V.) 
  • Prof. Alberto Abánades (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Robert Obenaus-Emler (University of Leoben)
  • Gérard Gatt (President at Sakowin Green Energy)
  • Ian Hopkins (CPO Levidian)
  • Raimondo Giavi (Vice President - Hydrogen Growth Area, Baker Hughes)
  • Klaus Mauthner (Carbotopia)
  • Matti Malkamäki (Founder, Chairman of the Board, Hycamite TCD Technologies Ltd.)

and many others.