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Klimaschutzpotenzial von Gasen im weltweiten Energiemix nutzen

26 June, 2018

Linke: Climate Protection Potential of Gases

DVGW at the World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington
Klimaschutzpotenzial von Gasen im weltweiten Energiemix nutzen; ©
DVGW Press release from June 26, 2018

During the 27thWorld Gas Conference organised by IGU (International Gas Union) in Washington, DC, from June 25-29, 2018, DVGW emphasises the potential of gas in helping to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced by the global economy. At the gas industry’s largest international meeting, which boasts about 12,000 participants and 500 speakers, DVGW chairman Prof Dr Gerald Linke explained that “gases and gas infrastructures make an indispensable contribution to a future energy system geared at sustainability, for the integration of renewables like wind power and solar power into gas grids can effectively reduce CO2 emissions. This has been demonstrated by numerous European energy turnaround projects, which after leaving the R & D laboratories have been successfully integrated into the energy supply infrastructure. The success story of the gas-based energy turnaround is also a useful blueprint for further global climate protection activities.”

Being a coupling mechanism between power and gas, power-to-gas has already proven its potential as a key energy turnaround technology in many demonstration projects. Integrated power and gas grids help to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions at comparably low cost; consequently, the focus of the joint stand where DVGW and its partners MAN, Siemens, Sunfire, Uniper and Thyssenkrupp offer some insights into innovative products and services is on solutions for electrolytically converting power from renewable sources to gas. DVGW's DBI research institute and our STORE&GO project partner provide additional insights into ongoing research projects about all things power-to-gas.

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