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DVGW Press release from June 28, 2018

The International Gas Union (IGU), the association that organises the 27th World Gas Conference WGC in Washington, DC, has for the first time awarded prizes to recognise outstanding gas technology innovations. Ten award winners were chosen from more than 250 entries and honoured with the WGC Innovation Award.

“The Innovation Awards draw attention to innovative concepts, products and methods and make them recognised by the industry”, explained DVGW Chairman Prof Dr Gerald Linke during the award ceremony. “At the same time, the Awards increase the awareness for IGU research activities”. The award, a sculpture in the shape of a transparent gas flame, was initiated by the IGU Research and Development committee. Awards were given to winners from ten technology categories, i.e. LNG, gas transmission and storage, distribution, generation, domestic applications, industrial applications, mobility, IT solutions, gas and renewables, and emissions.

Prizes were awarded e.g. for an innovative storage system for natural gas as a fuel to power privately owned or fleet vehicles; or for a tool to simulate biogas performance features; or for advanced nanocoatings that improve the material properties of industrial gas technology components.

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