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Mobilitätskonzepte mit neuen Gasen waren Diskussionsthema auf der World Gas Conference 2018

27 June, 2018

Mobility concepts involving new gases

DVGW Press release from June 27, 2018
Mobilitätskonzepte mit neuen Gasen waren Diskussionsthema auf der World Gas Conference 2018; © candy1812/
DVGW Press release from June 27, 2018

At the World Gas Conference that takes place in Washington, DC, from June 25- 29, 2018 the international gas industry discusses mobility concepts involving new gases. Chairman Prof Dr Gerald Linke comments as follows on the contribution of DVGW:

Mature concepts for sustainable yet economically efficient mobility have been around for quite some time. Now we have to set the course for climate and environmentally friendly, gas-based fuels to be available also at the filling stations. Ultimately this is the only way to continuously reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the air quality of our cities at the same time.

The existing CNG-optimised vehicles fuelled by natural gas can help us even now to quickly and efficiently reduce CO2 emissions and other air pollutants as compared to petrol and diesel engines. The use of renewable gases such as, for instance, biogas or hydrogen would help us realise further reductions in CO2 emissions. If the percentage of renewable gases in the fuel mix used to power the 23 million* CNG vehicles that currently exist around the globe could be increased gradually, chances would be good to gradually reduce gases that are harmful to the climate. A European study conducted by the NGVA** has shown that increasing the proportion of biomethane in natural gas by 20 per cent would result in a 40 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to petroleum-based fuels. Using pure biomethane in vehicles would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 82 per cent. A current research project that we present today at the World Gas Conference investigates the impact of regenerative gases on vehicle components such as engines and fuel tanks, with the objective being to optimally exploit the extra climate mitigation potential of new gases in mobility applications.

*Source: NGV Global, New Zealand
**NGVA Natural & Bio Gas Vehicle Association, Belgium

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