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Testing and Certification

Ensuring safety, hygiene and quality standards

DVGW CERT GmbH is the largest gas and water industry certification body in Europe, covering all the certification procedures required in the gas and water sectors. Together with test laboratories, the company certifies and monitors gas and water industry products, quality and environmental management systems to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. and DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as companies and individual experts. This approach ensures that the individual procedures are tailored to the needs of the gas and water industries and are tightly meshed.
Quality assurance for energy and water supply
Recognized certification procedures
Recognized certification procedures © DVGW

Technical innovations can only be beneficial if they actually work in practice. The main objective of all certification work is to ensure that there are no safety, hygiene or environmental objections to the products and companies certified.

The tried and tested DVGW CERT certification system ensures proven quality and safety on the basis of the DVGW standards and other recognized technical standards and test specifications. The services are tailor-made to meet the requirements of the industry and to ensure efficient meshing of the various processes.

With a DVGW CERT certificate, product manufacturers, specialist companies, utilities and experts can demonstrate to their customers and market partners that they comply with the state of the art in their field of activities. This is confirmed by the DVGW CERT certification mark.

In the product testing field, DVGW CERT has testing facilities of its own for materials, components and products related to gas and water. In addition it cooperates with more than 40 DVGW-recognized testing laboratories in the field of gas technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, material testing, plastics, drinking water and hygiene. Impartiality, quality and reliability are the top priorities in certification work. The services offered by DVGW CERT in this area are available to all companies in the gas and water sectors in Germany and other countries.

Facts and figures
  • 7,400 products certified in accordance with DVGW standards, EN standards and EC directives
  • 1,500 certified pipeline and plant construction contractors
  • 170 certified experts
  • 220 certified quality, environmental, energy, and health and safety management systems
  • 500 construction contractors prequalified
  • various testing facilities
  • Largest gas and water industry certification body in Europe
  • Competence and recognition in the gas and water industry – national and international
  • More than 50 years of experience in testing and certification
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