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Water pipes

Changing Water Supply

Changes in elementary framework conditions in nature and society also affect water supply

Water pipes; ©DVGW. Foto: Konzept und Bild/Cathrin Bach

Adapting Supply Structures to Changing Framework Conditions

Changes of the fundamental framework conditions in nature and society will also impact the supply of water. Demographic changes in society exert an immediate influence on consumption behaviour and, consequently, on the networks as well. Necessary adaptations include the short and medium-term optimisation of network management as well as long-term measures such as a new definition of future network structures, for example. Determining the future demand for water constitutes an important parameter in this context.

Furthermore, the potential impact of climate change on water needs to be considered, too, including the implications along the entire technological water supply process chain and its operating organisations.

Another focus of this research field results from the increasing significance of safety issues in connection with the operation of water supply networks and facilities, in which context the protection of the water infrastructure assumes paramount importance.

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