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Water sampling on a lake

Drinking Water Quality

Germany's water supply system ranks among the best by both European and global standards.

Water sampling on a lake; © DVGW, Foto: Roland Horn

Safeguarding the quality of drinking water encompasses a large range of research subjects, which are discussed here

The research field "Safeguarding the Quality of Drinking Water” is characterised by a huge number of different subjects that range from optimising the analytical monitoring of the water quality to an in-depth look at aspects of hygiene, with an additional focus on advancing well-established treatment procedures through different engineering processes and technologies.

Other research subjects include the effect materials may have on drinking water in the network, in storage facilities, and in drinking water installation. Ensuring that none of the new materials will negatively impact the quality of the drinking water is of the essence.

The effects of renewables and of increasing energy efficiency matter greatly in water research. Assessing the impact of trace substances and transformation products on the water supply are part and parcel of future research activities, as are approaches and procedures designed to eliminate these substances and products during the water treatment process.



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