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Water Supply Operation

Safeguarding water as a resource has always been one of the core objectives of the DVGW's water research work. In this context, safeguarding the quality of water and minimising environmental impacts are closely associated.

Waterwork; © DVGW. Fotograf: Roland Horn

Environmentally Friendly and Resource-efficient Water Supply Management

The emphasis is not only on safeguarding the high product quality of water as a resource, but also on minimising the environmental impact brought about by water supply system management, which also plays an important role. A holistic concept is created as the cycle is completed.

In the context of water supply system management, the efficient use of energy is increasingly getting into the focus of attention, with requirements based on the ambitious climate protection goals of the international community in order to minimise CO2 emissions.

Another research focus is on optimising the use of raw materials for the operation of water supply systems, e.g. in water treatment. The processes and procedures currently in use will have to be meticulously analysed and evaluated with a view to reducing the materials employed.
Special attention is paid to developing practicable solutions with a great potential for achieving significant efficiencies so as to continuously reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials.

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