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Management of water supply systems

The fields of research in the management of water supply systems are diverse and aim at the same time technical and economic optimisation of the supply system.

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Managing High-performance and Safe Supply Systems

The research subjects in this field are manifold and are aimed at optimising the water supply system in both technical and economic terms. Maintaining the high level of water supply efficiency and reducing costs at the same time is of paramount importance and relates to both capital expenditure and operating costs.

In addition to safeguarding the integrity of the water supply systems, reliability and risk assessment are also important key issues. The research focus furthermore includes condition assessment and rehabilitation strategies. It is especially important in this context to determine the service life of engineering systems including networks, and to identify the optimal time for re-investment.

The result of research work carried out in this field yields optimised management approaches to perform operational routine work in the water supply system.

DVGW Water Research Program
Further information on the research focus "Sustainable protection of water as a resources" can be found in our Water Research Program (in German only).