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29 November, 2023

Real Projects for a Sucessful Launch of Hydrogen

A total of 28 versatile real projects of the gas industry paving the way for the future energy supply in Germany

With this information brochure “Real projects for a successful launch of hydrogen” in the “ewp konkret” series, DVGW introduce a total of 28 versatile real projects of the gas industry that are all pursuing one goal: They are paving the way for the future energy supply in Germany. Compared to the German original, the English version of this information brochure has been expanded to include some articles and projects that may also be of interest outside Germany.

We do not claim to have created an exhaustive summary with this compendium. Our goal has rather been the presentation of already existing real projects, which document practical applications and perspectives way beyond the research state. To this end, all projects were roughly clustered – without however claiming to sharply demarcate the respective clusters from each other. The decisive factor is the broad range of practical applications and the associated dynamics with regard to the market ramp-up of hydrogen and climate-neutral gases. Because one thing is indisputable: The decarbonisation of the existing power supply can only be achieved through the prominent use of climate-neutral gases, with the gas infrastructure as the key element. On this basis, climate targets can not only be achieved in a timely manner, but also in an ecologically, economically and socially acceptable way while taking into consideration geostrategic aspects.

Excerpt from the content:

  • Hydrogen flagship project H₂Giga: Series production and  upscaling of electrolysers
  • Energy Park Mainz: Showcase project of the energy transition
  • GET H2 Nukleus: Core of the hydrogen infrastructure
  • Hydrogen flagship project H₂Mare: Self-sufficient offshore generation of green hydrogen and synthesis products
  • Hydrogen flagship project TransHyDE: Storage and  transport solutions for green hydrogen 
  • 900 km hydrogen starter grid for East Germany by 2030: Basis for developing a functioning hydrogen economy 
  • Transformation process for the integration of hydrogen at distribution grid level (TrafoHyVe) 
  • H₂Membran: Testing various membrane materials for separating hydrogen from natural gas/hydrogen blends
  • Construction of the first underground hydrogen storage: H₂ test cavern is in the making in Rüdersdorf in Brandenburg
  • DLR Lampoldshausen combines space travel with trendsetting energy research 
  • Greener heating with hydrogen
  • Hydrogen from methane: Hotel MOA in Berlin accomplishes negative CO₂ balance for heating
  • Climate-neutral urban quarter – new western city of Esslingen
  • Regional zero-greenhouse gas emission strategies on the example of the model region Upper Swabia (RegioTransH₂O)
  • Innovative hydrogen concepts in stock clusters
  • The hydrogen grid in the living lab SmartQuart