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Measuring instruments

Mission and Objectives

It is the central mission of the DVGW to advance the gas and water industry in both the technical and technical-scientific context. In pursuing this objective, the DVGW bases its activities on the current requirements of its members, and on the objectives declared in the statutes, i.e. safety and environmental protection.

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Supporting our members with determination and commitment

The DVGW has been working for the gas and water industry as an independent and unbiased technical-scientific association since 1859, the objective being to create a basis for the safe and technologically flawless supply of gas and water.

The Technical Rules issued by the DVGW form the core of this basis. These rules have been devised by the various DVGW bodies and enjoy quasi-legal status, which at the same time ensures the self-administration of the industry.

The DVGW defined the following prime objectives to be pursued in the practical work of its bodies and committees:

  • Safe technology and hygiene
  • Economical optimisation of the gas and water supply technology
  • Protection of resources and the environment
  • Quality assurance, quality control, and quality management


In cooperation with other national and international associations and institutions, DVGW is the point of contact for industry, higher education and politicians. The association helps shape the future of the German and European energy and water supply industry.

Key elements in this competence network include the more than 280 technical committees with a total of over 2,600 expert volunteers, nine regional and 62 local offices and a number of subsidiaries and research institutes. The competence of DVGW is underscored by a wide range of services in the fields of research, standardization, certification, health and safety and vocational training.