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Ensuring safety, hygiene and quality standards

When it comes to technical innovations, safety, hygiene and quality standards make sense only if all can be reasonably implemented in the field. Our certification system, which is embodied in our constitution, addresses precisely this issue. DVGW CERT GmbH offers all certification procedures that are mandatory for the gas and water industries, guaranteeing at all times a tailor-made approach and the efficient interaction of all procedures. A neutral stance, quality and reliability assume top priority in our certification work. All services are available to gas and water companies at both the national and international levels.
All certification procedures that are mandatory for the gas and water industry

Independent product, services and system assessment

The DVGW maintains a certification system. An independent, neutral industry certifier, DVGW CERT GmbH is firmly rooted in the European Single Market. All tests focus on hygiene as well as on technical and environmental safety and are based on the DVGW Set of Rules and on nationally and internationally acknowledged guidelines, standards and certification programmes. DVGW-certified product manufacturers, technical companies, utilities and technical experts prove to their customers and market partners that they meet state-of-the-art standards with regard to their respective range of activities or services.

Safeguarding quality standards

The certification of products, businesses, management systems and persons has - in some instances for decades – been a DVGW task which is performed by DVGW CERT GmbH, as stated in the Association’s constitution. DVGW CERT GmbH’s asset is the perfect know-how of the industry’s requirements and their implementation and integration into national and European framework conditions.

  • Biggest certifier for the gas and water industries
  • Nationally and internationally recognised expert authority
  • Over 50 years of experience in testing and certification
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