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Technical Consultancy

Tailor-made Services based on Knowledge of the Industry

The DVGW and its network of experts know the specific challenges faced by utilities in the gas and water sector in detail. Many of our experts are involved in international knowledge and research clusters. Thanks to them, we have the latest know-how, extensive practical experience and sound research expertise. The cross-divisional orientation of the pool of experts means that we can tailor our consulting services to meet individual needs. The consulting services are divided into two areas: Technical Organisation and Safety on the one hand and Technical Consulting on the other.
DVGW's Consultancy Fields
Technical Consultancy Fields © DVGW

The institutes, research facilities and subsidiaries in the DVGW network provide comprehensive advice on important technical issues in the gas and water sector.

Our consulting services are divided into six main areas: In addition to technology, technical safety and hygiene, the areas of environmental protection, efficiency and IT are also covered. The range of consulting services is interdisciplinary and cross-divisional.

Introduction of management systems
DVGW Service & Consult GmbH
  • offers and mediates services and consulting in the field of engineering and IT, especially for companies in the supply and disposal industry
  • SMIT
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Research and Consulting
The DVGW Research Centre at the Engler-Bunte-Institut (ebi) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) advises companies in the gas and water sector
  • a mutually independent but cooperating facility between the DVGW and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • ractice-oriented research
  • chemical engineering/fuel technology
  • combustion technology and water chemistry
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Research and Consulting
DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH researches and advises on the topics of gas production/gas storage, gas networks/gas networks, gas applications, gas treatment and energy supply systems
  • the competencies cover the entire process chain around natural gas
  • orientation to the needs of the gas industry
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Research and Consulting
The research fields of the DVGW Water Technology Centre (TZW) range from resource conservation, extraction and treatment to the extraction and extraction armature
  • application-oriented research and scientific consulting
  • integrated in international research and knowledge clusters
Research and Consulting
IWW Water Centre consists of the business units Water Resource Management, Water Technology, Water Networks, Water Quality, Applied Microbiology and Water Economics and Management
  • associated institute of University of Duisburg-Essen
  • research, consulting and further education in water supply
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