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17 April, 2019
Incorporating More Hydrogen in a Technically Safe System

DVGW Rules for a Climate-friendly Energy Infrastructure

26 March, 2019
Another Step Towards a Successful Energy Transition

Methanation plant in Falkenhagen starts operation and supplies synthetic methane

19 December, 2018
International Experts work on Concept for Greening of Gas

How natural gas and renewable gases can accelerate the global reduction of fossile fuels emissions

14 December, 2018
The European network ERIG gains pace

On October 13th, 2018, the ERIG General Assembly took place in Brussels followed by the ERIG Workgroup Summit on October 14th, 2018.

26 October, 2018
Fitness Check of the EC Water Framework Directive

DVGW Position Paper with Review of the EC Water Framework Directive

18 October, 2018
Key enabler for an innovative CO2-neutral energy system

EU project STORE&GO discusses the potential of the Power-to-Gas-technology storing renewable power with key stakeholders from politics and industry

19 September, 2018
Gerald Linke elected new Marcogaz president

DVGW holds Key Position in Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry

5 September, 2018
Cyber Security in Germany’s Gas and Water Utilities

The growing amount of data and ever more complex tasks lead to more stringent requirements being made on IT security in the gas and water industry

27 June, 2018
Mobility concepts involving new gases

DVGW Press release from June 27, 2018

26 June, 2018
Linke: Climate Protection Potential of Gases

DVGW at the World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington

9 May, 2018
Methanation plant in Falkenhagen opens

Important step for a successful energy transition

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